iKier Lasers Review - 7 Black Technologies to Amaze

With the laser engraver market growing by leaps and bounds, Atomstack launched its new premium brand iKier in 2023. Today the iKier K1 series is available with 24W laser power, 36W laser power, and even 48W laser power, providing users with more options to choose the right version for their needs. In addition, the perfect-looking fits perfectly with the aesthetic design and makes you fall in love with it at first sight. Here, we take a closer look at the iKier K1 series and show in detail the black technologies it uses. If you want to buy an iKier K1  machine, this article can be helpful.

1. Switchable Laser Output Power

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the iKier K1 series machines already have 48W of laser power, so the cutting capacity is nothing to sneeze at. However, higher laser power usually means higher energy consumption, and engraving sometimes does not require such high power to be completed. With this in mind, Atomstack has added a gear-switching function to the iKier K1 Pro Max machine, allowing you to switch back and forth between 24W and 48W laser power.
When you need to cut, you can use the 48W gear to fully turn on the laser power. You can cut 25mm paulownia, 19mm black acrylic, 15mm basswood plywood and even 0.3mm stainless metal in one pass. And when you want to engrave, you can switch to 24W gear to make the engraving more precise. iKier K1 Pro Max has a spot size of 0.1mm*0.15mm in the 48W gear, which will change to 0.08mm*0.1mm, in the 24W gear. Isn’t it amazing?

Note: If you want to achieve color laser engraving on stainless steel, please click this link. You can find the parameter settings for reference.

2. Increased Engraving Speed of up to 900 mm/s

Can you believe that the iKier K1 can engrave at a speed of 900 mm/sec, i.e. 54,000 mm/min? That's four times faster than any other laser engraver on the market! The iKier K1 series deserves to be the world's fastest diode laser engraver. Of course, this is the speed that the latest model, the iKier K1 Pro Max 48W, can achieve. But the other two models, the iKier K1 Pro 24W and the iKier K1 Ultra 36W, can also engrave at speeds of up to 800 mm/s!

In addition, the iKier K1 series models have three speed modes that can be switched: Fast, Standard and Fine. You can find the corresponding parameter sheets on our User Guide page.

3. Motorised Z-axis for Auto-Focus & Auto-Sinking

The third black technology of the iKier K1 machine is the motorized Z-axis. The Z-axis has motors on it and can be moved up and down with software control. This makes auto-focus accessible. The intelligent Z-axis will automatically measure the distance to the object and adjust the focus.

Another feature brought by the motorized Z-axis is auto-sinking cutting. This makes the maximum cutting depth of iKier K1 machines by up to 25% compared to machines of the same power, while still providing better cutting results.

4. Engraving Resuming Black Technology

It is really annoying to encounter a sudden power outage in the midst of engraving with our laser engraver. This means that all our previous work is wasted and we have to start over again. Our enthusiasm to create will disappear at once. But you won't have to worry about that if you use the iKier K1 series laser engraver. Atomstack gives iKier K1 machines the ability to detect unexpected power outages during the engraving process. It helps prevent work failures by unexpected power off and reduce material waste. After all, the materials for the carvings cost money too.

5. Automatic Air Assist

The iKier K1 laser engraver is equipped with an intelligent air assist system that automatically adjusts the airflow with LightBurn to meet your engraving or cutting needs.

Airflow from air assist helps achieve better engraving and cutting with laser engravers. When we engrave something, a gentle airflow is enough to help prevent uneven or discolored engraving caused by the laser beam overheating the material. While we cut through the material, we need massive airflow to remove smoke and debris from cutting path so that we can achieve better cutting quality and increase the lifespan of the laser head. It is inconvenient to adjust the airflow manually. iKier K1's automatic air assist makes your work easier and more convenient.

6. Infrared Positioning Function

Some users, especially beginners, find it difficult to arrange the design horizontally. iKier K1 laser engravers solve this problem by using infrared light to locate the position of the object to be engraved. It projects visible light onto the surface of the material, making precise alignment of the engraving area and design.

7. Multiple Safety Protection

iKier K1 machines have four base safety protection functions: flame detection, security lock, limit switch, and gyroscope.

Flame detection: The flame detection system will sound an alarm and send a notification to the linked mobile device once a flame is detected, while the laser module automatically returns to its original position, away from the source of the fire.

Security lock: The iKier K1 machines are equipped with a key. When you are not using the machine, you can lock it up so that children cannot accidentally trigger it and get hurt.

Limit switch: Every laser engraving machine has its working stroke, which is the working area of the machine. Only if the engraving is carried out within this range can the machine operate properly. The limit switch helps prevent the laser head from operating outside its working area and avoid impact.

Gyroscope: There is a gyroscope function the motherboard. If your iKier K1 machine is lifted beyond 35 degrees, it will alarm. 

Final Words

These are 7 revolutionary black technologies of iKier K1 laser engravers launched by Atomstack. I believe they have caught your eye. If you are seeking a good-quality laser engraver for your small business or hobby, iKier K1 series machines can be a decent choice. The Atomstack team will constantly update the laser products and bring more excellent machines and accessories to our customers. If you have any advice or questions, please contact us at support@atomstack.net.


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