How to Use X20 Pro/X7 Pro/S10 Pro/A5 M50 Pro with Mobile Phone

When you first unpack the box of your X7 Pro, you will find a WiFi antenna on the back of the control box. But after you turn on the machine, you cannot have this WiFi capability working. Why? Did Atomstack send me a broken machine? Don’t worry. You need to upgrade the firmware first before that. In this article, you will learn about Atomstack firmware updates and how to connect your machine to Atomstack app on your phone.

Which Laser Engraver Can be Used with Atomstack App?

X20 Pro/S20 Pro/A20 Pro
X7 Pro/S10 Pro/A10 Pro/A5 M50 Pro
Note: X7 Pro/S10 Pro/A10 Pro/A5 M50 Pro need to be update the firmware first.

Upgrade the Firmware for X7 Pro/A10 Pro/S10 Pro/A5 M50 Pro

1. Download Firmware Upgrade Package

Step 1. Scan the QR code below to enter Laser Engraver Support page.


You can find this QR code on the machine or user manual.

Step 2. Select the model type of your machine, swipe down to the Firmware Upgrade and tap on “Upgrade the firmware to work with the APP”.

Step 3. Download the zip file and transfer it to your computer.

Step 4. Open the zip file, double-click "MKSLaserTool_setupv1.0.6(1).exe" and then follow the prompts to install MKSLaserTool.


2. Flash Firmware of the Machine

Step 1. Connect your machine to the computer using USB cable. Then launch MKSLaserTool app and select “MKS ESP32 Download Tool” button.

Step 2. Change the Flash Size to 8MB and set COM as the right COM value.

Step 3. Click the green Eraser button to flash the firmware of the machine.

Step 4. After the firmware successfully flashed, click the grat square button with three dots inside.

Step 5. Select the file with the extension .bin, click Open and click the blue Start button to install new firmware code.

Step 6. After the installation is completed, close the software and machine, and then turn back on your machine.

Connect Atomstack X20 Pro/X7 Pro/S10 Pro/A5 M50 Pro with Moblie App

Step 1. Download and install AtomStack app on your mobile phone. Android system users can download from Google Play store and iOS users can download from App Store.

Step 2. Open the WiFi interface on your phone and choose the engraver hotspot name: Engraver_nnnnn (“nnnnn” is a five-digit number which is the identification code of your machine). The password is 12345678.


Step 3. You can tap on the chain-shaped icon in the upper left corner of App interface to enter the connection settings page.


Q: How to change the language on AtomStack app?
A: Tap the information icon in the upper right corner of the Home page and then the Language bar to set or change language. There are 7 languages to choose from.

Q: It prompts that the uploading was failed when the conversion is completed.
A: The TF card should be inserted into the slot of control box.

Q: Unable to connect to the laser engraver.
A: Check whether the WiFi permission and the location permission is enabled for the AtomStack app in your phone permission settings. Then restart your mahcine.

Q: Intermittent connection to the engraver.
A: Check whether your machine is connected with other mobile phones.


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