Celebrate Father's Day with special offers on Atomstack laser engravers. Discover exclusive offers on atomstack.eu and give your father the gift of creativity and precision Celebrate Father's Day with special offers on Atomstack laser engravers. Discover exclusive offers on atomstack.eu and give your father the gift of creativity and precision
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Upgrade Your Workshop With The World's First 70W Diode Laser

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Engraving Size 850*800mm

8 Seconds Auto Focus

Dual-Shaft Driving

Power-Off Resume Function

Atomstack X70 Max 850*800MM

€2.599,00 €1.999,00 SAVE €600,00
A paper clock featuring intricate laser-cut designs created using an Atomstack laser cutter. The clock face displays Roman numerals and decorative patterns, surrounded by delicate cutouts. The hands of the clock are positioned to indicate the time.
Laser-engraved wood ornament with the text "The World's Best Dad"
A variety of laser-cut wooden parts are laid out for the assembly of a radio-style tissue box. The wood surfaces are smooth and precisely cut with beautifully carved details. From the layout, the assembly process is meticulous, with craftsmanship and technology combining to create a vintage style radio tissue box.
A wooden guitar ornament featuring premium quality laser-cut details. The ornament resembles a miniature acoustic guitar with intricate fretwork, soundhole, and tuning pegs. The wood grain is visible, adding to the aesthetic appeal. The ornament is delicately designed and suitable for hanging as a decoration.

Dual Laser Mode: 2W Infrared + 10W Diode

Lightning Speed - 600,000 mm/min

Positioning Accuracy Up To 0.001mm

Desktop and Handheld 2 In One

Atomstack M4 PRO Dual Laser Metal Marking Machine

€1.899,99 €1.699,00 SAVE €200,99
Laser-engraved stainless steel pet tag with customizable text
Laser cut images of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on paper. The intricate design showcases these two iconic characters in classic poses with precise detailing of their features and attire. The paper is exquisitely cut, demonstrating the mastery of the laser cutting process. These cut-outs capture the essence of the beloved Disney characters in a visually striking way.
Wooden mobile phone case adorned with intricately laser-carved butterflies, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance.
Laser-carved wooden round coasters adorned with elaborate floral patterns. The coasters exhibit intricate detailing. The wood grain is visible, adding natural texture to the artwork. These coasters are functional yet visually appealing.

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Father's Day Limited Low Price

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iKier K1 Pro Max 48W

The World's First 48W Power Switching Laser Cutting Machine

€1.999,00 €1.199,00 SAVE €800,00

iKier K1 Pro 24W

20W Motorized Z-axis and Smart Auto Focus Laser Engraver

€1.399,00 €649,00 SAVE €750,00

Atomstack X24 Pro + B3 Combo

20W Ultra-Stable Second-Generation Laser Engraving Machine

€899,99 €749,00 SAVE €150,99

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