Atomstack R30 V2 Upgraded IR Laser Module 1064nm Laser for Engraving Metal and Plastic - Atomstack EU
Atomstack R30 V2 Upgraded IR Laser Module 1064nm Laser for Engraving Metal and Plastic - Atomstack EU
Atomstack R30 V2 Upgraded IR Laser Module 1064nm Laser for Engraving Metal and Plastic - Atomstack EU
Atomstack R30 V2 Upgraded IR Laser Module 1064nm Laser for Engraving Metal and Plastic - Atomstack EU
Atomstack R30 V2 Upgraded IR Laser Module 1064nm Laser for Engraving Metal and Plastic - Atomstack EU
Atomstack R30 V2 Upgraded IR Laser Module 1064nm Laser for Engraving Metal and Plastic - Atomstack EU

Atomstack R30 V2 Upgraded IR Laser Module 1064nm Laser for Engraving Metal and Plastic

✅ 0.03mm Circular Laser Spot
✅ Metal Rust Removal
✅ Born for Metal & Plastic Engraving
✅High Compatibility: Adaptable to Atomstack, Ortur, NEJE, Two-Trees, etc.





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    The World's First: Atomstack is the first to launch an industrial-grade 1064nm infrared laser module with a repetition rate of 20,000Hz, which is suitable for fast and fine metal engraving, as well as non-metallic materials such as varnished wood furniture, ABS, and plastic.

    Greatly Improve Working Efficiency: After industrial design, the net weight of the module is only 450g (the first generation and other products in the industry are 800g+). Movement speed and work efficiency can be increased by 40% under the same framework.

    Born for Metal and Plastic Engraving: Infrared fiber laser has incomparable advantages in engraving metal and plastic surfaces, which is impossible for conventional diode blue lasers.

    Better Engraving Effect: Thanks to the Atomstack spot compression technology, the spot of the R30 laser module is compressed into a circular laser spot with a diameter of 0.03mm. This makes it suitable for engraving on custom jewelry or metal. The engraving effect on the surface of the object will also be finer, clearer and less susceptible to oxidation.

    Rust Removal: The 1064nm wavelength laser has excellent absorption ability to the metal surface coating, and it can also remove rust on a small area of rusty metal without chemical reaction or secondary electrolysis.

    High Adaptability: R30 laser module can be adapted to most Atomstack models, including:

    A30 Pro, X30 Pro, S30 Pro
    A20 Pro, X20 Pro, S20 Pro, A20
    A10 Pro, X7 Pro, S10 Pro, X7
    A5 Pro, A5 Pro+
    A5 M30, A5 M40, A5 M50
    A5 20W, A5 10W
    P9 M50, P9 M40, P7 M40, P7 M30

    If you own other brands of engraving machines, such as Ortur, NEJE, Twotrees, etc., you can also install our Atomstack R30 laser module on your engraving machine. The R30 laser module comes with a free adapter in the box.

    Safety Laser: Compared with blue laser, infrared laser has its own safety characteristics. The non-focused light is cold light, which will not cause burns if touched accidentally.

    Longer Lifespan: 1064nm laser light is stable, with a long service life of 100,000 hours (there will be a certain power attenuation after long-term use)





    R30 V2

    Optical Output Power


    Product Material

    Aluminum 6061 Anode

    Circuit Board Size


    Laser Wavelength


    Circuit Board

    V/PWM Modulation Board

    Wire Rod

    22# 2P2.54 Terminal Reverse Wire 80mm

    Optical Lens




    Laser Beam Mode


    Working Mode

    Pulse Work

    Lightspot Size


    Working Time


    Working Temperature


    Storage Temperature


    Light Temperature

    Non-focal temperature: room temperature

    Product Net Weight



    • The laser module emits laser light that may injure human eyes, so do not look directly at its end while working. Please wear appropriate safety glasses to prevent laser exposure.
    • The laser module requires a suitable laser driver (PCB). When the laser module is connected to the power supply, please set the output voltage to zero. The current should be gradually increased or decreased when adjusting to avoid damaging the device.
    • Keep the device in a dry environment for working or storage. The dustproof level is 1 million or more to prevent the dust inside the lens from affecting the shape of the laser dot.
    • Laser working at high temperature will increase the threshold current, reduce the conversion efficiency and accelerate the aging of the device.
    • When the output power is higher than its specific operating parameters, the device will accelerate aging.
    • When the laser diode's operating temperature exceeds 70 degrees, please dissipate heat for it.
    • The laser module is a static sensitive device, please make sure you are grounded or wear an anti-static wristband before use.



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