Full top view of iKier K1 Pro 24W Laser Engraving Machine
A lateral view of iKier K1 Pro 24W laser engraver and cutter
A Comparison image with other machines shows that the iKier K1 Pro 24W maintains engraving accuracy at ultra-high speeds of up to 800 mm/s.
The iKier K1 Pro 24W laser cutter features an intelligent Z-axis and sink cut for precise and deep engraving on a wide range of materials.
An image tells you that iKier Series laser allows you to resume engraving when an unexpected power outage happens, reducing material waste
iKier K1 Pro 24W laser engraving machine with auto-focus feature for precise and efficient engraving
A picture displays four safety features of iKier K1 laser machines - child lock, gyroscope, omnidirectional limit switch and flame detection.
A picture shows all the parts included in iKier K1 Pro 24W laser engraving machine package

iKier K1 Pro 24W Laser Engraving Machine Cutting Master - Clearance

€1.399,00 €649,00 SAVE €750,00
➤ Engraving speed up to 800mm/s
➤ Motorized Z-axis and Smart Auto Focus
➤ Automatic Sinking During Cutting
➤ Double compression spot laser power is 21~24W
➤ Automatic Air Assist and Resume Engraving




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    Discover the Atomstack iKier K1 Pro 24W Laser Engraving Machine



    Unmatched Speed up to 800mm/s: With the engraving speed up to 800mm/s, iKier 24W laser engraver operates four times faster than other machines in the industry, maximizing your productivity like never before.

    2. Precise Focusing with Motorized Z-axis: Say goodbye to the days of manual focus adjustments. The iKier K1 Pro introduces an intelligent Z-axis, seamlessly achieving autofocus by accurately measuring the distance to the object and automatically adjusting focus.

    3. Maximized Cutting Depth with Auto Sink Technology: iKier's Auto Sink technology increases the maximum depth of cut by 25% compared to similarly powered machines, while also providing better cutting results.

    4. Seamless Workflow with Power-Off Resume Burning: iKier features the world's first power-off resume burning, eliminating material wastage by avoiding job failure due to unexpected power loss.

    5. Efficiency Enhanced by Automatic Air Assist: Switch effortlessly between engraving and cutting with the automatic air assist feature, ensuring smooth working process, bring your ideas to life seamlessly.

    6. Precise Aligned by Infrared Positioning: The infrared positioning function of iKier K1 Pro 24W uses infrared light to pinpoint the position of the material being engraved. It projects visible light onto the surface of the material, resulting in precise alignment of the engraved area and design.

    7. Safety First with Flame Detection and Child Lock: iKier prioritizes safety. It has an advanced flame detection system which promptly sound an alarm and send a notification to the connected mobile device while ensuring the laser module returns to its safe position. Additionally, the child safety lock prevents unintended activations, safeguarding your loved ones at all times.

    More Details:

    iKier K1 Pro 24W - Empowering users to become craft masters with six advanced features
    iKier K1 Pro 24W laser engraver with powerful 24W laser output for precise engraving and cutting.

    iKier K1 Pro 24W featuring X-axis linear slide and Y-axis screw design for stable movement and higher running speedComparison of engraving accuracy: iKier K1 versus other machinesiKier K1 Pro 24W laser engraving machine equipped with a 32-bit smart motherboard for advanced data processing and efficiency.iKier K1 engraving speed reaching up to 800 mm per second for fast and efficient engraving.iKier laser model featuring a smart air assist system adjusted through LightBurniKier K1 series showcasing advanced auto sinking cutting technology for deeper and better cutting resultsiKier K1 Pro 24W featuring power-off resuming engraving function for less material wastage and uninterrupted workflow.

    iKier K1 Pro 24W supports offline working capability with a 4.3-inch touch screen

    iKier K1 Pro featuring high-speed, balanced, and high-precision modes with one-key switching for versatile engraving.

    iKier K1 features rich interface for USB, HDMI, Type-C, power, and air assist connections

    iKier K1 Pro 24W compatible with LightBurn and LaserGRBL on PC and macOS system and iKier mobile app for versatile engraving control.

    iKier K1 Pro 24W laser engraving machine security features: limit switch, flame detection, gyroscope, and security lock design.

    Comparison chart of iKier K1, K1 Pro, and K1 Ultra models highlighting features and specifications.



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