iKier K1 Pro Max 70W: Power Switching Diode Laser Cutter

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➤ The World's First 70W Desktop Diode Laser Cutter
➤ Cutting Ability Increased by 50%
➤ One-key Auto Focus
➤ Engraving Speed: Super Fast 900mm/s
➤Dual Laser Output Power 70W / 35W



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    70W Flagship Diode Laser Cutter: Accomplishing the Impossible

    The Most Intelligent Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine: As the world's most intelligent laser engraving machine, IKIER K1 leads with features like power-off resume engraving, one-click autofocus, automatic sinking cutting, automatic air assistance, flame detection system, and infrared positioning. It achieves an ultra-high-speed operation of 900mm/s.

    Tech Specs:

    Brand: iKier
    Model: K1 Pro Max 70W
    Engraving Area: 410mm*410mm
    Electric Power: 360W
    Laser Power: 70-77W, 35-39W
    Max Speed: 900mm/s
    Spot Size: 0.15mm*0.2mm (70W) 0.1mm*0.15mm (35W)
    Engraving Precision: 0.01mm Engraving Accuracy
    Laser Wave: 455±5nm
    Focusing method: Autofocus or Manual, and Infrared Positioning
    Motorized Z-Axis: Automatic Sinking During Cutting
    Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
    Control Software: LightBurn, LaserGRBL
    File Types: SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.
    Connecting Interfaces: USB, Wi-Fi, TF Card
    Motherboard: 32-Bit Control Board With Wifi
    Control Terminal: 4.3 inches
    Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, FDA


    1* iKier K1 Pro Max 70W machine

    More Details:

    1. Beastly Performance: Equipped with the unique highest power laser on the market, the laser's actual optical power can reach 70-77W, making it more suitable for high-speed processing and deep cutting. It supports a variety of materials, enhancing work efficiency.

    2. Resume Engraving: The world's first laser engraving machine with the capability to resume engraving after a power outage, preventing work termination due to unforeseen circumstances, thus significantly saving materials and work time.

    3. Intelligent Z-Axis: In addition to the X and Y axes, the IKIER laser engraving machine features an exclusive intelligent Z-axis, allowing both electric and manual adjustment for distance to the object. Three-axis control makes it more intelligent and user-friendly.

    4. One-Click High-Speed Autofocus: With the assistance of the intelligent Z-axis, it achieves electric autofocus, making laser engraving more precise and simple. The laser automatically focuses with just a physical button press, completing the process in only 8 seconds.

    5. Sinking Cutting: Benefit with IKIER's self-developed intelligent motherboard and optimized laser working algorithm, it can control the automatic descent of the laser, reducing the focal length. With the same power laser, it can increase the maximum cutting depth by 30-50% (performance varies with different materials).

    6. Super-Fast Working Speed: The machine adopts a motion structure of optical axis and linear guide, enabling ultra-high-speed and high-precision operation at 900mm/s. The engraving accuracy can reach 0.01mm at the maximum speed, greatly improving work efficiency.

    7. Precision in Cutting: The IKIER K1 PRO MAX 70W utilizes 14*6W lasers to achieve a high-power laser of 70-77W. Its cutting capability is 90-100% higher than existing 40W and 24W laser in the market, able to cut through 25mm plywood in a single pass, equivalent to the cutting capacity of 120-150W CO2 lasers.

    8. Upgraded Compression spot Coupling Technology: The laser focus area is reduced to 0.15*0.2mm with ultra-fine focus. High-density laser can cut 30mm paulownia wood, 18mm black acrylic, 12mm MDF, 30mm pine board and even 0.05mm stainless steel in a single pass. It allows high-speed engraving directly on materials like mirror-finish stainless steel metal, ceramics, black acrylic, etc.

    9. Newly Robust Structure: The machine features a sturdy structure with an optical axis and linear guide motion structure, modular design, and can be quickly installed in 15 minutes.

    10. 4.3-Inch Intelligent Offline Controller: Equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen intelligent controller, providing a larger display and more control functions. It allows the machine to work offline, freeing it from PC limitations, making engraving more convenient.

    11. Safety Protection: The IKIER cares about your work safety with features such as a physical switch key, sensitive gyroscope displacement detection, flame detection, and other safety protection devices.

    12. Intelligent Air Assistance and heat dissipation: The IKIER K1 intelligently controls the air assistance and laser cooler, automatically switching and adjusting their power only during engraving to cutting so now you no longer need to manually adjust them. This also saves energy and provides a quiet working environment.

    13. Built-in Air Assistance: The IKIER includes built-in air assistance accessories with a dual-layer wind guide design, always cleaning up the air vents and ensuring continuous airflow, thus preventing blockage after long-term use.

    14. Laser LED Energy Indicator: The IKIER laser is equipped with an LED energy indicator, providing a visual representation of the laser's output power at all times.

    ikeir k1 pro 70w features
    powerful cutting ability
    comparable to CO2 laser cutter
    laser output power 70w
    COS Package laser
    longer laser beam waist
    cross positioning system
    linear guide rail and reinforced shaft
    mechanical accuracy 0.02mm
    safeguards security
    more accessories more possibilities


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